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Robert D. Saxon, President of VVA Chapter 1141 (Marinette) passed away Monday April 13, 2020.  A full obituary of Robert’s life will be published when available.

VVA Calls on President to Reverse the VA’s Removal of the “48-Hour Review Policy”
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communicating from home?  8 Tips to keep you safe.
> Memo from John Rowan to VVA
> Wisconsin COVID-19 Emergency Order #23:
Suspends several provisions of the Assistance to Needy Veterans Grant (ANVG) program, providing more low-income veterans access to emergency financial aid. The ANVG program provides subsistence payments and other health care grants to low income veterans who experience a loss of income.
Social Distancing With Your iPhone (Smartphone) - A Live FREE OnLine Course April 14 
> VA Offering TeleHealth Option

> VVA State Council and VVA Chapter Elections during COVID-19 Pandemic
> Coronavirus… COVID-19 recommendations for veterans
> VA mobile apps protest your private information

Toxic Exposure Town Hall - Milwaukee County War Memorial UPDATE

The WSC Toxic Exposure Team will facilitate a Toxic Exposure Town Hall at the Milwaukee County War Memorial scheduled for March 28, 2020.  Has been postponed due to the health emergency brought about by COVID-19.

The Town Hall has Been re-scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2020, beginning at 10:00 am.

This Town Hall will be at NO COST and FREE PARKING (Handicapped street parking is located in front of the War Memorial) and is aimed at: 
•  the children and grandchildren of Vietnam Era veterans and their spouses,
•  post-Vietnam veterans and their families, and
•  Post 9/11 (Southwest Asia) Iraq and Afghanistan service members, veterans and families.

The Toxic Exposure Team will help focus on issues related to: dioxin exposure, herbicide and pesticide exposure, burn pits, oil fires, infections, embedded toxic fragments, depleted uranium (DU), contaminated water, and more.

You can get additional information and register by clicking on Town Hall at the War Memorial or goto Eventbrite.com and indicate Toxic Exposure Town Hall Meeting and if asked November 14, 2020.  Please click here for a flyer.  

Announcements are dated, removed after ten (10) business days.  
VVA Chapters or AVVA members who have a Special Announcement please send to VVA WSC Secretary.

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Are you seeking Veteran or Veterans Family information or resources in Wisconsin?  
Please check into the many resources offered Veterans and Veterans Families
through the
Wisconsin Veterans Network or VetsNet.

Check out these Toxic Exposure websites.  Additionally, go to the WSC Commitiees tab, specifically information on Agent Orange/Toxic Exposures.

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