State Roster

The Wisconsin State Councils roster of members is provided to the WSC President and to the WSC Secretary.  The state roster includes the names and other demographic information on each member - basically the information provided on the membership application or updated information the VVA member provided during his membership.

The state roster information is controlled information by the WSC and is not provided to any requesting internal or external organization nor their representatives.

VVA Chapter Presidents and/or their designated representative receives updated information on the VVA Chapter monthly.  VVA Chapters who do not receive chapter roster information must request it from membership.

Special Requests

VVA Chapters have requested the WSC Secretary provide special listings of at-large members only and only in their geographic areas for purposes of recruitment.  Upon receiving the request the WSC Secretary has identified the VVA Chapter’s zip code or county within Wisconsin.  The Secretary identifies the location of surrounding or adjacent VVA Chapters.  Once the physical area or boundaries have been determined the Secretary will identify the zip codes within the identified geographical area.  Next, the Secretary will review the at-large members residing in each zip code based on the latest VVA state roster for Wisconsin.  After all at-large members have been identified in each zip code a list of members names, addresses, city, zip code, and telephone number is provided.

As an example a recent request resulted in identifying nearly 25 zip codes within a geographical parameter and from those zip codes less than 10 at-large VVA members.  A listing was provided the requesting VVA Chapter.

Again, the WSC will not provide total lists of a group of individuals such as Wisconsin's at-large members.  However, the WSC will work with a VVA Chapter’s officer(s) or membership chairperson in an effort to contact an at-large member residing near a VVA Chapter to learn if that member would like to transfer from at-large to the VVA Chapter.

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