Required Reports - Election & Financial

Election and Financial Report Requirements

The Wisconsin State Council as well as each VVA Chapter is required under the VVA Constitution (Article III) to submit a VVA Election Report, in the election year, and a VVA Annual Financial Report with required IRS verification.  Each report shall use the latest approved report version which be must be submitted to VVA Membership (No Later Than July 15th of the election year), the Corporation i.e., VVA National and to the VVA WSC Secretary.  
Upon receipt of the report(s) VVA Membership and Finance will send an acceptance email to the submitting VVA WSC President and/or submitting VVA Chapter President or its designated representative.   Inturn, the WSC President forwards a copy of VVA acceptance notice to the WSC Secretary.  The WSC Secretary is required to obtain and maintain a copy of the Election Report and the Annual Finance Report including the IRS confirmation receipt in the same timeframe as required by the VVA Constitution.  The WSC Secretary will record and report  information on the Election and Financial Report page on the WSC website.

Each submitting body shall use the latest VVA Report form to be accepted for the reporting year.  Use of an earlier version may be rejected by VVA Membership, Finance, and/or  the VVA WSC Secretary.

The latest Election Report and Financial Report can be found be found on the VVA National website by clicking here or clicking on +Chapter Information, Handbooks, Policies and Forms or on the VVA website ( on the VVA WSC website by clicking here and clicking on the desired Report form.  

The above forms are PDF based and you will require a PDF Reader or PDF editor (i.e., an application or program to read and modify the PDF).

Election Report 

  • Two Year Reports
    The VVA WSC and VVA Chapters who submitted a two year Election Report, and are still in the election timeframe, are not required to complete a new VVA Election Report for the second year or forward copies to either VVA Membership or the VVA WSC Secretary unless there are changes in the officers, board of directors or elected delegates to the VVA WSC. 
  • Election Change Report for Officers
    If in the event following an election and the submittal and acceptance of the Election Report by VVA National Membership and the VVA WSC Secretary, an officer can not complete his/her term a VVA Election Report Change of Information (2012) form must be submitted to VVA National Membership and the VVA WSC Secretary. VVA Chapters in a two-year cycle please see Note.  To obtain the form off the VVA National site click here
     or goto Forms on this site for the VVA Election Report Change of Information (2012) form.
    Note:  If an elected officer transfers, resigns, or passes away in the first year of the two year election cycle follow the above procedure i.e., the VVA Chapter submits the VVA Election Report Change of Information to VVA Membership and the VVA WSC Secretary.  However, the VVA Chapter has the option to either complete the two year term or hold VVA Chapter elections for the second year and follow election and reporting instructions provided in the Constitution. 
  • Election Changes of Board of Directors or Elected Delegates
    Whenever there is a change to the Board of Directors or the elected delegates following election to one or both of the offices the VVA Chapter is required to amend page three (3) of the submitted and accepted Election Report.
    The change is made by striking out the VVA members name and membership identification number and adding the name and membership number of the VVA member completing the term on the next available blank line.
    At the top of the page it should indicated Amended, the date, and the initials of the officer making the change.  This Amended form must be retained by the VVA Chapter and copy sent to the VVA WSC Secretary.  Please note page three (3) of the Election Report is not sent to VVA National Membership. 

Financial Report Requirement

The Wisconsin State Council as well as each VVA Chapter is required under the VVA Constitution to submit an Annual Financial Report with required IRS verification.  When submitting the Financial Report to VVA Finance (located at top of Report) and the VVA WSC Secretary it should be completed on the latest Finance Report.  The Annual Financial Report Form is available on the VVA National site click here or click Forms to be directed to the latest form on this site. 

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