The VVA Wisconsin State Council is offering all VVA Chapters in Wisconsin to become a part of a unique fundraising opportunity through Magnuson, Inc.

Print a copy of this flier, a PDF, to share with your Chapter members, businesses, service providers such as restaurants, bars, VFW, American Legion establishments, hair salons, barbers, local and county fairs, steak fries, brat fries, etc. by pressing here.

To get a PDF of the original VVA WSC and Magnuson flier or the letter of support from the VVA WSC President for this activity click here.

Be creative in marketing this high quality name brand product - Libbey Glass.  
Don’t sell a glass!  Sell a set of glasses.


  • At a Brat Fry sell a single glass for $10, a set of six for $50, or 3/$25 and you will fill a glass once with a soda, beer, or other type of beverage.
  • Suggest to the owner of an eatery or pub to purchase 25 @ $7 each
    The server offers a special of the glass and a tap beer for $10 and they
    keep the glass.  Owner doesn’t want 25 then how about two dozen?  Still
    no how about a dozen and a half?
  • Help out the buyer with some promotional ideas, offer to do a flier with your VVA Chapter’s number, info, and logo.  Work with the buyer on how to word the sale
    for the potential buyer.  Why should I buy?  Is the money going to help Veterans, scholarship funds, etc.?
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