WSC Info

This section of the website attempts to provide information about:

  • Activities, past and present, being done under the auspices of VVA’s Wisconsin State Council (e.g., WSC Quarterly Meetings, Town Halls on Agent Orange / Toxic Exposure, Education Programs such as the Veterans Suicide Prevention Program, and more.
  • The coming quarterly meeting Agenda and the UNApproved Meeting Minutes from the previous quarter’s WSC meeting.
  • VVA Chapter Information, the forms and handbooks VVA Chapters need, and a section on Frequently Asked Questions
  • This section is a “living” section in that areas and information will continually be changed, added to, and removed from the section and website.

New to the website is a live calendar.  If a VVA Chapter is hosting an activity or would like activities to be added to the calendar contact the WSC Secretary who will add your activity(s) to the calendar.

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