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Frequently Asked Questions − FAQ

1.  What is a Vietnam Veteran?

A Vietnam Veteran is any United States Military Veteran who served on active duty between January 1, 1959 through May 7, 1975.

2.  Can I interview someone who did not have a combat role?

Yes, most military jobs do not involve direct combat actions.

3.  Can I interview a Vietnam Veteran who did not serve in South Vietnam?

Yes, the Vietnam Veterans of America believes that all U.S. Military/Veterans who served during the Vietnam War (period identified in 1., above) share a common bond and experience.

4. Can I interview one of my parents?

Yes, you may interview anyone who meets the criteria of a U.S. Vietnam Era Veteran (see 1., above for the dates).

5.  One of my step-parents is a Vietnam Veteran, can I interview that parent?

Yes (see 4., above).

6.  What proof do I need to provide that I am related to a Vietnam Veteran?

You must provide a copy of your birth, baptisimal or other recognized certificate of birth and the Veteran’s proof of service (see 8., below).

7.  Can I interview someone who was in the National Guard or Reserves?

If the Veteran served six (6) months or more in active duty during the above dates (see 1., above), you may interview the Veteran, write an essay, and submit it to the Scholarship Committee.

8,  What kind of documentation is needed to prove that the person I interviewed is a Vietnam Veteran?

You need to provide proof of service for the person you interviewed.  In most cases, Veterans have a copy of their DD214 (i.e., Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) or a copy of their discharge orders.  If the Veteran does not have proof of service (i.e., they cannot locate documentation, lost issued documentation, etc.) they can contact their County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) or Tribal Veteran Service Officer (TVSO) − a listing of CVSOs and TVSOs in Wisconsin is available at  Service Officers within Veteran Service Organization (e.g., American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, etc.) can provide assistance as well.  A listing of VSOs recognized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs is available here.

9.  Will I be notified if I do not win?

No.  Due to the number of entries the Memorial Scholarship Committee receives it is beyond our ability to let everyone know their status.  However, if you want to be notified that we received your entry, you may include a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your entry and we will notify you that your entry was received.

10.  I am a Wisconsin resident, but not attending school in Wisconsin this year, am I eligible?

No.  The Richard T. Nuske Memorial Scholarship is for Wisconsin high school seniors and Wisconsin continuing education students attending accredited Wisconsin schools only.

11.  I am not attending a college/university, am I eligible for the scholarship?

Yes, you may attend any accredited Wisconsin school.

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