WSC Directory

The Wisconsin State Council has four (4) Officers, four (4) Regions with elected Directors and one (1) At-Large Director serving VVA Veterans.  Wisconsin has an AVVA State Representative and an Wisconsin At-Large Representative.  To-date Wisconsin and twenty-six (26) VVA Chapters.

This directory has one annual update following the submittal of VVA Election Reports (NLT July 15th of the election year).  Throughout the year updates may occur when changes are submitted by the WSC President vis a vis the quarterly meetings or through VVA Chapter Change Reports submitted to the SC Secretary and VVA Membership in accordance with the VVA Constitution Article III Section 9.

WSC President: Richard Lindbeck
125 N. University Drive #201
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095

Vice-President: Dan Sciuti

Secretary: James E Mullarkey
8541 W Red Wing Drive
Franklin, WI 53132

Treasurer: Patrick Craney
P.O. Box 1917
Waukesha, WI 53187-1917

Sergeant At Arms
Francis Miller

VVA WSC Region One
Director: Thomas Banner
Chapters served: 409, 324, 448, 635, 767, 425, and 921

VVA WSC Region Two
Director: Mike Johnson
Chapters served: 221, 729, 236, 220, and 101

VVA WSC Region Three
Director: Tom Hoffman
Chapters served: 351, 224, 731, 437, 115, 206, and 618

VVA WSC Region Four
Director: Bob Morzenti
Chapters served: 092, 005, 529, 256, 331, and 479 

VVA WSC At-Large
Director: Greg Foye

WSC Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services (VAVS) 
Chairperson:  Bill Olcott (VVA Chapter 351)

Wisconsin State Council Appointments 2018-2020

Agent Orange/Toxic Exposure Committee

Co-Chairs: Mike Demske (VVA) and Pat Furno (AVVA)
Facilitators: Richard Lindbeck, John L. Margowski, Jim Hackbarth, Jim Mullarkey

AVVA State RepresentativePat Furno

Awards Committee:
Chairperson: Mike Demske

Contact: Duane Canon

Chief Service Representative 
Contact: John Margowski

Contact: James E Mullarkey

Convention Planning
Chairperson: Mike Demske 

Council on Veteran Affairs
Chairperson: Laverne “Vern" Larson

Education Committee
Chairperson:  Dan Sciuti

Finance Committee
Chairperson: Patrick Craney  Special Advisor/Finanace: Pat Furno

Health Care
Chairperson: John Margowski

HighGround, The
Liaison: Greg Foye

Homeless Veterans - National
Chairperson:  OPEN

Homeless Veterans - Wisconsin

Justice / Veterans Courts
Contact: OPEN

King Representative: Steve House

Legislative Committee
Chairperson: John Margowski

Membership Committee
Chairperson: Bruce Witt

Minority / Native American Committee
Chairperson: Nate Nez

Newsletter / Website
Chairperson:  James E Mullarkey

Nominating/Election Committee for WSC
Co-Chairs: Mike DemskeBob Morzenti, John L Margowski

POW/MIA Committee
Chairperson: Duane Canon

PTSD/Substance Abuse Committee
Chairperson: Dan Sciuti

Public Affairs
Chairperson: James Mullarkey

Scholarship Committee
Special Advisor: Virginia Nuske

Service Committee
Chairperson: John Margowski

Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services
Chairperson:  OPEN

Women Veterans Committee
Chairperson: OPEN

Wisconsin’s VVA Chapter Officers

To assist VVA members the WSC is providing the VVA Chapter number (and name, if available), location, website addres - if available, the VVA Chapter President with name and contact email, the VVA Chapter Secretary and contact email, and the VVA Chapter’s State Delegate to the WSC with name and contact email.

Although the WSC website is secure after selecting the contact’s email in blue you will be asked to answer question to screen out bots (i.e., an app that scours websites for personal information like email addresses).  Once successful you will move to the email.


  • If a website address is provided you can click on it and be moved directly to the website.
  • VVA Chapter information is updated after July 15th following the election.

VVA Chapter 0005 (Mike Voth Memorial Chapter VVA, Inc.)
Eau Claire
President: Michael Korger
Vice-President: Larry Wrycza
Secretary: James McBee
WSC Delegate: Joe Heil

VVA Chapter 0092
Chippewa Falls
Website: NA
President: Leroy Jansky
Secretary: Dale McGraw (NA)
Treasurer: CW King
WSC Delegate: 
Leroy Jansky

VVA Chapter 0101
Wisconsin Rapids
President: William Haack
Secretary: Thomas Heiser
WSC Delegate: Gary Schoenborn

VVA Chapter 0115
Website: -
President:  Raymond Pliska (NA)
Vice-President: William Boston
Secretary: Thomas Pesanka (NA)
WSC Delgate: Raymond Pliska

VVA Chapter 0206
Website: NA
President: Harold “Bernie” Burrack
Secretary:  Kirby Shapiro
WSC Delegate: Richard Waalkens

VVA Chapter 0220
President: John F. Bird
Secretary: David E. Shaw
WSC Delegate: 
David E. Shaw

VVA Chapter 0221
President: Fred A. Enfield (NA)
Secretary: Keith R. Podoll
WSC Delegate: Tom Schneller

VVA Chapter 0224
Green Bay
Website: NA
President: Ken Juza
Secretary: Ron Gauthier
WSC Delegate: 
Ken Juza

VVA Chapter 0236 (Rock River VVA Chapter)
Website: NA
President: William Nielsen
Secretary: Robert Engstrom
WSC Delegate: Thomas Stehura

VVA Chapter 0256 (Lakeland VVA)
Website:  NA
President: John Brandenburg
Secretary: Donald Miesbauer (NA)
Treasurer: Edward Fuhrman
WSC Delegate: 
John Brandenburg

VVA Chapter 0324
President: Pat Ciofani
Secretary: Dennis Szymanski
WSC Delegate: Pat Ciofani

VVA Chapter 0331
River Falls
President: Jim Ottman
Secretary: Dave Niederer
WSC Delegate: Jim Ottman

VVA Chapter 0351
President: Larry Cavanaugh
Secretary: Dennis Bloy
WSC Delegate: Larry Cavanaugh

VVA Chapter 0409
Fort Atkinson
Website: NA
President: Dennis Behling (NA)
Secretary: Brian Cluver
WSC Delegate: Steve Swader

VVA Chapter 0425 (Rock Steady VVA Chapter)
Website: NA
President: Joseph V. Deloria, Sr.
Secretary: Warren Windau
WSC Delegate: John Margowski

VVA Chapter 0437
Website: NA
President: Duane Canon
Secretary: Richard Wing (NA)
Treasurer: Charles Butzlaff
WSC Delegate: Duane Canon

VVA Chapter 0448
Website: NA
President: Jim Bokelman
Secretary: Jim Hackbarth
WSC Delegate: Jim Bokelman

VVA Chapter 0479
President: Roger J. Bartnik (NA)
Secretary: John Willman
WSC Delegate: Gary Moll

VVA Chapter 0529
Website: NA
President: Don Zanutto
Secretary: Robert Morzenti
WSC Delegate: Robert Morzenti

VVA Chapter 0618
Website: http://www.vva618.0rg
WSC Delegate:

VVA Chapter 0635
President: Vern Larson
Secretary: Peter Gazzana
Treasurer: Jim Fulmer
WSC Delegate: James Mifflin

VVA Chapter 0729 (Castle Rock Chapter 729 VVA)
President: Dennis Nielsen
Secretary: Bill Arnold (NA)
WSC Delegate: Dennis Emery

VVA Chapter 0731
President: Terrence Johnson
Secretary: William Wojita (NA)
WSC Delegate: Michael Demske

VVA Chapter 0767
President: Michael Burns
Secretary: Jon M. Rybar
WSC Delegate: Thomas Banner

VVA Chapter 0921
President: Frank Konieska
Secretary: Lawrence Bruno (NA)
Treasurer: Daniel Jahn
WSC Delegate: Daniel Jahn

VVA Chapter 1130
Hayward/Stone Lake
Website: NA
President: Harold Burton
Secretary: Robert Schara
WSC Delegate: 
Robert Schara

VVA Chapter 1141

Website: NA
WSC Delegate:

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