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An Agent Orange Compendium, designed by Xande Anderer, which gathers the articles in the most recent issues of the VVA Veteran with the articles published in the past Agent Orange special issue is available by clicking here or going to the WSC’s Agent Orange tab, specifically AO Materials or just click here.

Please watch this space because VVA an expanded version or addendum to this compendium as early as September 2018 or for the Sep/Oct 2018 issue of The VVA Veteran.

The Agent Orange Compendium is not to be printed at the National Office rather by an office supply or printinging service business (e.g., Kinko’s, Staples, Minuteman Press, etc.).  Printing services tend to “shy away” from printing copyrighted material.  Permission of the Agent Orange Compendium is explicitly granted at the bottom of the second page − “We encourage reproduction/distribution of this copyrighted publication”. 

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