ETaBO (Employment Training and Business Opportunities)


Notion Of Economic Freedom


We call it Econ Ops. That’s short for Economic Opportunities Committee. Why the change? Very few people understood what the old ETaBO Committee was, and we have decided to adjust our priorities.

The committee will now put as much effort into helping veterans become successful in starting their own business. We will not abandon our charge of ensuring that the federal government meets its responsibilities to service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses, but we know that many new veterans want to start their own    businesses.

This is a change, but one we are ready for. We have taken several steps to help our new mission succeed. First, Veterans of Modern Warfare has joined us. We now have two representatives from VMW on the committee. We also want to reach out to the other veterans’ organizations and to existing VSOs. Why? Because we believe that we will be stronger working together and because new legislation that would establish a new Assistant Secretary for Economic Opportunity in the VA is a solid idea.  In fact, supporting that legislation is the committee’s highest national legislative priority.

We would like a representative on the committee from every state. So State Council Presidents, please send us your appointments.

The notion of economic freedom is an American cornerstone. The first mission of the Economic Opportunities Committee, therefore, will be to enable as many veterans as we can to successfully start their own businesses. This includes partnerships between veteran entrepreneurs. In doing this, we want to ensure that the Small Business Administration and the VA have the tools and resources to help make this happen.

We will be putting together an inventory of what is available and what is needed. We will also be working with Ohio State Council President Tom Burke in taking its very successful recognition programs for veteran-owned businesses and doing the same nationally.

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