Vietnam Veterans of America
Wisconsin State Council

State Council Meeting
Comfort Suites/Foxfire
Waupaca, Wisconsin

March 17, 2018


Toxic Exposure Committee Meeting (Formerly Agent Orange Committee)

Attendance:  Co-Chairs Mike Demske (VVA) and Pat Furno (AVVA), Joe Eiting, John Margowski, Richard Lindbeck, and Jim Mullarkey

Called to Order by Chairperson - Mike Demske at 9:00 A.M.

Joe Eiting reminded the committee that VVA Chapter 351 to have a Town Hall meeting April 21st from 12:00 P.M. (Noon) to 4:00 P.M. at Fox Valley Technical College’s Bordini Center.  Additionally, Eiting shared VVA Chapter 351 invited two of Wisconsin’s Native American tribes, Oneida and Cayuga, to the Town Hall to observe and make a determination if they would like to host a town hall meeting in the future.

During this meeting, the issue of keeping the WSC’s commitment to education on Veteran suicide prevention was raised, especially presenting a program in which VVA Drs. Berger and Hall could combine with the Zablocki VAMC, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Mental Health of America – Wisconsin.  Mullarkey has been asked to research how VVA WSC can link with these organizations to eventually have a Wisconsin Veteran Suicide Prevention Program in SE Wisconsin (e.g., War Memorial located on the lakefront in downtown Milwaukee) or elsewhere in Wisconsin.  Mullarkey will present a brief preliminary concept report in June and a full report at the September 2018 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 A.M. (0950) 

Wisconsin State Council Meeting

President Lindbeck called the State Council Meeting to order at 10:09 A.M. on March 17, 2018, at the Ramada Waupaca, Waupaca, Wisconsin.  The Pledge of Allegiance was given by all present and a moment of silence was offered to our POWs, MIAs, and our active duty service members.  The Secretary took the roll call of Officers, Directors, VVA Chapter delegates, and guests.

The following were present: WSC President Lindbeck, WSC Vice-President Eiting, WSC Secretary Mullarkey, and WSC Treasuer Patrick J. Craney, WSC Region 2 Director Mike Johnson, WSC Region 4 Director Bob Morzenti, and WSC At-Large Director Greg Foye.  VVA At-Large Director, John Margowski and Wisconsin’s AVVA State Representative Pat Furno were present.  The VVA WSC Chapters present[1] included: 005(1)#4, 115(1)#3, 206(1)#1, 220(1)#2, 221(1)#2, 224(1)#3, 236(1)#1, 256 (1)#4, 324(1)#1, 351(1)#4, 409(1)#1, 425(1)#3, 437(1)#1, 448(1)#4, 479(1)#1, 529(1)1#, 729(1)#2, 731(1)#2, 921(1)#1, and At-Large(1).  A quorum was present.

WDVA’s CVSO Field Representative:  Steven Janke came to the WSC’s quarterly meeting to introduce himself as well as share information on his role as VSO and CVSO liaison to WDVA Secretary Zimmerman.  Janke shared information on the upcoming Vietnam Veterans Day in Eau Claire – theme is “Welsome Home!”

Janke shared some information about VA’s RAMP or Rapid Appeals Modernization Program.  (Discussion after Janke left the meeting had a bottom line of “Stay away from RAMP!”)

Janke indicated WDVA received $3.7 million ear marked for King’s Cemetary.  Additional WDVA acquired land in Oneida County.

President Lindbeck, on behalf of the VVA WSC and Wisconsin’s AVVA delegation thanked Steve for coming to the SC meeting to introduce himself, share his role as liaison, and provide some needed updates.

President Lindbeck appointed John L. Margowski as Parlimentarian, and Michael Demske as Timekeeper.

Their was a motion by Duane Cannon and seconded by Thomas Hoffman to approve the Agenda.  This motion was carried without objection.

John Margowski moved the VVA WSC Unapproved Minutes of the December 2, 2017 meeting be approved with the suggested changes.  This motion was carried without objection.

President’s Report: President Lindbeck attended the CSCP/BOD meeting in Silver Spring, MD form January 10-14, 2018.

At the CSCP meeting on 11 January.  We had a briefing from Dr. Tom Berger on the Million Veteran Program and the impact it could have on Veterans filing claims with the VA.  Even though when one signs up it states “the information will not be used in claims” there is always the possibility of an impact down the road.  It has been found the some of the information has been used to deny claims.  One was for a women Veteran attempting to obtain a loan for a home.  The DNA showed that she may be at risk for breast cancer and therefore would not be able to pay the loan.

President John Rowan gave a presentation on the number of people on the Wall that were not U.S. citizens, but had served in the U.S. Military when they were lost.  These were individuals that enlisted or were drafted while in the U.S. going to school or working.

We had an outstanding report from MG Kelly McKeugue on POW/MIA recovery. He reported that there are 1,158 recoveries and 1,601 still not identified.  Cambodia will not allow them in country due to sanctions.

 Some recoveries are extremely difficult to identify due to the soil contamination.  The AO/Dioxins have caused the bone fragments to dissolve faster.  Also, some fragments are not American and the VN government will not accept since they fought against the North.

The Blue Water Navy Bill is being reintroduced if they can get it on the floor.  It is much the same as the Toxic Exposure Bill.

The VA in Denver that does the children’s claims on Agent Orange have supposedly lost or destroyed the claims.  There will be some individuals going to the Denver Office from National and see what occurred with these claims.

 The Leadership Conference is in Palm Springs, CA in July 24-28,2018.  We were advised that the registration will be on the VVA web site in April.  The hotels reservations can be done now.  Check the VVA web site for more information.

The 2019 National Convention will be in Spokane, WA from July 16-21, 2019 and the 2021 National Convention will be in Greensboro, NC.

March is Women Veterans Month.

VVA At-Large Report: John Margowski, VVA At-Large Director, shared that the VVA five items from the Membership Committee: 1) the Committee will be sending either a question or request for information to the VVA Chapters who are receiving the VVA Membership Growth Award, 2) the Committee will be seeking input as to how and what the VVA Chapters did to increase their membership, 3) the Committee went on record indicating that it is up to the State Councils as to how they will to treat incarcerated VVA members, 4) VVA Chapters can and should request their VVA Chapters membership list from VVA Membership – the list will be only the assigned VVA Chapter and sent to one designated officer (e.g., president, secretary, etc.), 5) VVA Membership Committee is only communicating electronically (e.g., through VVA’s website or email).

Claims filed as a result of Agent Orange (Toxic Exposure) Townhalls have been scanned in Janesville into the VA computer system.  In turn, the hard files are sent to the Denver office. Presently, the hard files sent to Denver are missing.  The VA is missing six spina bifda claims submitted from VVA Florida.

Veterans Benefits: VVA Service Officer Program who do not have an accredited service officer will shut down.

VVA still skeptical of the Million Veteran Program because of confidentiality.

Gold Staer Mother got $31,800 from VVA and individual donors for their movement.

OMB is holding up any new additions to the Agent Orange presumptive list such as bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, Parkinson like tremors, and hypertension.

National Health Council has a larger a data base on post 9/11 veterans than the VA.

VVA has provided some guidance regarding the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program (RAMP) (01/29/2018). 

“To participate in RAMP, veterans must receive an “opt-in” letter from VA asking if they wish to participate in this optional program.  Choosing to opt-in to RAMP is an irreversible decision.  RAMP uses different legal standards and rules that may not be pro-veteran; a “faster decision” does not mean a “favorable decision.”  Due to various factors, it is the current position of the Veterans Benefits Program (VBP) that veterans not opt-in to RAMP at this time.

Importantly, it is strongly encouraged for anyone receiving a RAMP letter who has questions to reach out to his or her local accredited service representative for guidance.  Accredited service representatives are able to look up the claim and see what is going on, as well as provide claim-specific advice.  Without the proper training and expertise, it may be difficult for a person who is not a service officer to answer some of the more intricate and complex questions that may arise from RAMP inquiries…”

The bottomline is contact your County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) or Tribal Veteran Service Officer (TVSO) or other accredited service representative before taking any action regarding RAMP.

Secretary’s Report:  Jim Mullarkey, Secretary reported that since the National Convention both VVA Membership and Finance have revised the Election and Financial Reports, respectively.  VVA Chapters who are going to be using the Election Report must use the latest form which are located on the VVA’s website and the VVA WSC website.  VVA Chapters who are presently in the second year of a two-year election period and have no changes within their officers or membership chair do not need to re-submit or re-certify the election report; however, if there is a change of officers or membership chair the VVA Chapter must submit a VVA Election Report Change of Information Form which is located on the VVA website and the VVA WSC website.  If you are having elections in 2018 your VVA Chapter must use the new VVA Election Report (2018) form located on VVA’s and the WSC’s website.  Note: On the new VVA Election Report form there is no certification box or required signature.  However, be assured that at the WSC level the report form will be reviewed.

If there is a change among the board members or delegates to the WSC make changes on page 3 of the VVA Election Reportform and submit a copy of page 3 to the State Council Secretary only.

Please provide at least one valid email address on reports because VVA National and VVA WSC communicates electronically to VVA Chapters.

The Annual Financial Report is new and is the only form permitted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Patrick Craney presented the VVA WSC Financial Report for the Quarter. Additionally, Craney shared that nearly all of Wisconsin’s VVA Chapters have signed and mailed in their MOU on HGDP.  Upon receiving all MOUs the Treasurer will submit the report to VVA’s HGDP in order to learn what if any fund Wisconsin is entitled.  Craney will provide an update at the June 2018 meeting.

There was a discussion on the floor regarding the capital balance in the Toxic Exposure (formerly Agent Orange) budget and how those funds can be carried over to the next fiscal.  The Treasurer stated that the capital balance could be carried over, if the delegation moved on that request.  The Treasurer further indicated that the bringing the capital balance over to the next fiscal year’s budget would not impact either the capital balance or the requested budget allowance for the next fiscal.

Mullarkey moved that the capital balance in the Toxic Exposure budget be carried over to the next fiscal year and the carry over would not effect the requested budget for that fiscal year.  Eiting seconded the motion.  The motion was carried without objection (Lindbeck).

AVVA State Representative Report: Pat Furno, AVVA Wisconsin State Representative, shared that the new AVVA Board is coming together.

AVVA elections are in April 2018.  Recognizinging the importance of Wisconsin’s statewide election Furno informed everyone to goto AVVA’s website avva.org, specicfically the Governing Documents/Policy and Procedure/Section 5 Elections for step-by-step guidance.

Wisconsin AVVA Elections will be held 9:30 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. at the June 16, 2018, VVA WSC Annual Meeting and Picnic at The HighGround in Neillsville, Wisconsin.  At present it appears that Rick Talford (#0005) and Pat Furno (#0635) will be on the ballot.

VVA WSC Region Director Reports:

Region 1 Director: Excused

Region 2 Director: Mike Johnson had no report at this time.

Region 3 Director: Excused

Region 4 Director, Bob Morzenti reported that VVA Chapter 1130 in Hayward has the requisite number of members, received all of the necessary corporation papers from Wisconsin, and authorizations from VVA.  They will be holding elections, submitting a financial report, and will attend the Annual Meeting & Picnic at The HighGround on June 16, 2018.

Morzenti shared that another group of Veterans in Marinette is looking at forming a VVA Chapter.  He will keep us updated as this group progresses.

At Large Director, Greg Foye, no report at this time.

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: Virginia Nuske, Chairperson, indicated that the selection committee (i.e., VVA Chapter 0206’s Dennis Bohm and Helen Waalkens our AVVA representatives and Terry Radtke or VVA member) was charged with selecting three essays to receive scholarships of $1,500 each from the 15 complete applications – one (1) application was incomplete and could not be accepted.  Of the 15 applicants 12 were direct descendants of a Vietnam Veteran (i.e., Grandfather/Father/Mother), two (2) had relatives who were Vietnam Veterans (i.e., Uncle/Cousin), and one (1) did not have a Vietnam Veteran relative.

The three (3) applicants with the highest scores from the chair and selection committee who read, reviewed, and scored the essays were all direct descendants including in alphabetical order:

·      Maxwell Cobb from Valley New School

·      Heather Greenburg from Stratford High School

·      Addison T. Watkins from Grafton High School

Additional information about the recipients and their essays are located on the WSC website under Committees, Scholarship.  You can read other essays from previous scholarship recipients in the archive.

POW/MIA Committee:  Duane Canon shared the latest POW/MIA Accounting Agency information, specifically the accounting of Air Force Col. Edgar F. Davis killed on September 17, 1968, during the Vietnam War and Army Lt. Col. Robert G. Nopp missing since July 13, 1966.

Due to the extensive nature of the reporting under the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency the VVA WSC has added a tab on the VVA WSC website - select WSC Committees, then POW/MIA for more information.

VVA Chapter Reports:

VVA Chapter 005, reported by James “Mac” McBee, sadly shared the recent passing of its immediate past president and Charter member Dennis Werlein.  Dennis wasone of those veterans who went to Washington, D.C. in 1978 to organize a veteran’s organization that would become Vietnam Veterans of America.  Dennis was a dedidicated activist and supporter of veteran’s rights, the cornerstone of our Chapter and a frienf who will be greatly missed.  He never met a veteran he didn’t consider a brother.  Thank you to those who offered Dennis’ family their condolences at his passing.  A Legacy Stone has will be laid September 21st at The HighGround, Neillsville, Wisconsin honoring Dennis..

The Chapter is proud to report an active membership of 149.

Our Christmas Party was very succesful this year which we had at the Veterans Home in Chippewa Falls and was co-sponsored with the DAV 21  Also, in December our AVVA presented each homeless vet at Klein Hall with a gift bag for Christmas.  Each gift bag contained a warm pair of gloves, socks, and a hat, along with cards and postage for them to send to family/friends, candy, toiletries and other little things that might let them know they were thought of during the holiday season.

In January our AVVA sponsored a fundraiser at the Pizza Ranch and were rewarded with $425 that was used to host a prime rib dinner for the vets at Klein Hall in February.

We have added a new $500 scholarship in honor of Dennis Werlein that is a veteran only scholarship for any veteran residing in Eau Claire County or its immediate collar counties.  Veterans can be of any branch of service, National Guard or Reservist and can be used for any college or trade school.  Applications will be distributed through the CVSOs in the those respective counties.

Finally, VVA Chapter 0005 is partnering to present the 8th Annual Vietnam Veterans Day Program on Saturday March 24th at the Eagles Club in Lake Hallie; and will participate in Rusk County’s Vietnam Veteran Day Progrm in Ladysmith on March 25th.

VVA Chapter 224, as presented by Steve DeReRuyter approximately 50 Chapter members, spouses, and others met on December 17th to deliver what we called Food Baskets, actually food for approximately one week, to 35 needy Veterans and their families along with Festival Food cards.  This was made possible by a partnership with the local CVSO.

Chapter members, spouses, and Gold Star families came together for the VVA Chapter’s Christmas Party this past January.

The Honor Guard of the Chapter presented the Colors before three Monster Truck shows on February 3rd and 4th.

The Chapter’s Rifle Squad and Buglers took part in several Veteran Funeral and at the Wreaths Across America Ceremony on December 16th.

Several of our VVA Chapter members went on the most recent Old Glory Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

Members attended the Washington-Lincoln Birthday Dinner held by the United Patriotic Society where the member of the year was announced.

Applications are being accepted by the VVA Chapter for our Annual $1,000 Scholarships.

Nominations for officers and members of the board are being accpted for our April election.

Funds received by the Chapter from our largest fundraiser, The Harley Rally, Raffle, and Golf Outing, were dispersed.  Recipients included: King Veterans Home, King Homeless Veterans Program, five $1,000 scholarships, the NEW Community Shelter, the Christmas Basket Program, Being There Reaching Out, the food and gas cards given to needy Veterans in December and on Memorial Day, the Veterans Court in Green Bay, and the Old Glory Honor Flight Program. The Harley funds are divided among our VVA Chapter, the Desert Veterans of Wisconsin, and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

VVA Chapter 256, John Brandenburg reported that the VVA Chapter’s rifle raffle had brought in $9,000.

The Chapter is working closely with Social Services to identify children for for – Kids Weekend.

They are reviewing scholarships based on members, their children and grandchildren.

VVA Chapter 256’s Honor Guard has served for the last 21 years and has been honored to lay stones for fellow veterans during that time.

VVA Chapter 351, Larry Cavanaugh reported that one of the members donated a tandem axle 8’6” wide by 22’ long aluminum trailer to be used for Parades.  We need to install railings and seats, but this solvews many a problem.  We were ready to purchace a trailer after applying for and receiving a $4,000 donation from the 4th HOOAHWI chapter in Green Bay.

Our Artifact Display Program is fixing to commence on March 29th with missions at seven (7) colleges and Vocational Technical Colleges/Schools, seven (7) high schools, Rawhide Boys Ranch, and the Veterans Home at King (Waupaca, WI).

The Chapter is adding another box to the display program – emphasizing Toxic Chemical used in Vietnam.  The idea is to explain how these chemicals affected troops and the Vietnamese people.  We hope to outfit this display with a media device to show videos and other media.

Four (4) $1,500 scholarships will be awarded in the Chapters name, the POW-MIA Committee wants to award two (2) $1,500 Scholarships in the name of a local POW.  The Committee also wants to present POW-MIA flags to each EDU mission.  Additionally, our Adopt-A-Family  Committee offered two (2) $500 gift certificates to needy Veterans at Christmas time.

Valentine”s Day dinner was great, Roy Rogers, a VVA Chapter member, sang our National Anthem in the beginning and at the end of the evening led the group in Let there be Peace on Earth.  In ther middle of it all, and this was Joe Eiting’s fault, a Barber Shop Quartet sang four or five songs.

Checkout our websiute: http://www.vvawi351.org

VVA Chapter 409, Bill Scherwitz reported membership in the Chapter has risen from 80 to 113 which is a 141 Percent increase.  The Chapter created a new position Chapter Chaplain and Associate Chaplain.  The Chaplain works closely with the Honor Guard.  Prayers and sympathy requirements and get well requirements are under the Chaplain’s jurisdiction.

If you like meat then our Chapter’s new Meat Raffle is something to sink your teeth in.  Local VFW has six (6) spaces throughout the year that are available for us.  We will work the raffle and collect the proceeds.  Total time required is about two (2) hours on a Saturday afternoon.  The first raffle was done at the end of February – a HUGE success.  This is a fundraising success!

During the month of March our VVA Chapter in concert with the Hoard Historical Museum in Fort Atkinson is sponsoring Wisconsin Remembers: A Face For Every Name – this is a traveling wall exhibition.  Service members from Wisconsin who lost their lives.

VVA Chapter 425, Chapter President Joseph Deloria sharing packages to local deployed troops is still a major effort of the Chapter. 

The Chapter has established a relationship with our Waukesha CVSO in helping a needy veteran and his family at Christmas time.

Chapter members Ruth Keith, Jerry Keith, Barbara Trout and Joe Deloria held an event at the Heritage Senior Center in Waukesha where the residents helped put packages together for deployed troops and residents who were veterans recognized for their service.  TV News was there, but the event received les than 15 seconds coverage!

VVA Chapter 425 is already planning for the County Fair – as they say, “Snooze and you lose!”

VVA Chapter 437, Duane Canon reported the Chapter’s Christmas Projects were extensive and included for this past December: adopting two veteran's families, aiding the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Center, Omro Community Food Pantry, Homeless Vets at King, Bella Medical Center, Day by Day Warming Shelter for the homeless in Oshkosh, the VA Voluntary Service in Tomah, the Salvation Army, the Winneconne Food Bank, Camo Quilt Project for veterans and members in the military, and gift cards to the CVSO to help veterans.  We spent around $5,600 this past Christmas to help our community.

In January we had our Chapter’s Christmas Party where we had 43 members and guests. Our President, Duane Canon passed out Certificates of Appreciations to three of our VVA members and AVVA Rep. Betty Canon passed out three Certificates of Appreciations to our AVVA members.  We want to acknowledge our members for the years of service and the work they do for our Chapter.  President Duane Canon went out to different businesses in the community and obtained donations for gift baskets to be raffled off to help pay for some of the expenses for the Christmas party.  Everyone had a great time.

Our AVVA members provide a meal for the Day by Day Homeless Shelter in Oshkosh once a month. This is done on the second Thursday of each month and it starts in October and ends in April.  Some of our Chapter’s VVA members also help. There are about eight homeless veterans that stays at the Shelter.

February and March were relatively quiet except for nominations for officers and board members in March.

The Chapter is already starting work on the Oshkosh’s 4th of July parade.  We have been a part of the parade since 2001 when we first “Welcomed Home” the 1157th Transportation Company.

We are planning some Orange Blossom Drives this May at Kwik Trips in Oshkosh, and potentially some stores in Omro and Neenah this summer.

VVA Chapter 448 reported the December Christmas Party for the Chapter had a great turnout and a good time was had by all.

VVA Chapter 448 is in full swing getting ready for our monthly Brat Fries starting in April.  Members are also getting ready for parade season which is right around the corner.

Our Orange Blossom campaign starts in early May and another in September.  The Chapter has worked at several business locations in the West Bend area and have always been successful.  We are hopeful this year’s campaign does as well if not better than in past years.

There is a program at the University of Wisconsin Washington County (UWWC) in West Bend April 18th along with DAV on a Salute to Veterans.

Our Chapter’s Memorial Day program planning is well under way.  The Chapter will also be placing Veteran Stones at the Veteran Memorial in Newburg on Memorial Day.

Richard Lindbeck gave a presentation at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School on the Cold War and the Vietnam War.  Lindbeck said, “This has always been an honor to do as the students are interested in our legacy.”

VVA Chapter 479, John Willman reported the chapter joined with the Wausau Denny’s ‘Cup-of-Coffee’ veterans meetings, now up to 340 members, and spoke of how other chapters may emulate this approach to reach prospective VVA members.

The VVA Chapter presented a plaque to Diane Shanks honoring Bill Shanks, VVA Chapter #479 VSO, who passed away September 20, 2017, and renamed local veteran crisis fund in his honor.

 Winter social held with an excellent turnout.

The VVA Chapter awarded two (2) $1,000 scholarships to MCTC and NTC, respectively.

VVA Chapter 479 participated in fundraiser for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight (NFHF) which raised $6,000, as well as collected 43 bags of donated food for local pantries.

Chapter members participated in Nursing home visit, sang songs and gave gifts to Vets residing there.

Continuation of a Facebook site for Northcentral Wi Vets, including VVA #479 and WSC


VVA Chapter 479’s plans for 2018 include, but are not limited to: parades, fundraisers, 4th of July HighGround rifle squad duties, NFHF receptions, and school veteran program presentations.

Next scheduled meeting will be Apr 22, 2018 at Denny’s restaurant Wausau.

VVA Chapter 731, as presented by Mike Demske was an insight into the Chapter’s commitment to educating high school students on Vietnam.  The Education Committee did two days of presentations in December and January at Mishicot High School.  They said more and answered questions about Vietnam than is presently written in high school history books.

Bell ringing for the Salvation Army is a key responsibility for the Chapter giving back to the community.

The Chapter’s Honor Guard did Grave Side Honors for three (3) funerals in January and a fourth in March.

The Chapter’s Color Guard will be leading the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manitowoc on March 17th – save a Guinness for me!

King’s Veterans Assistance Program (VAP) is being helped by our Chapter, but it needs more so much more – consider a case of mixed cereal, a couple of cases of chicken, boxes of salmon that would melt in your mouth, shoes (spring, summer, fall and winter), a couple of boxes of fruits cups, Sargento cheeses, Johnsonville brats and fixins – buns, relish, mustard, coleslaw, napkins, and don’t forget hand wipes are always needed.

Old Business:

Reminder of the availability of the Libby glasses with VVA Logo and the Wisconsin State Council imprint.  Information is available on the VVA WSC website at the News tab and then Fundraising Opportunity (http://vvawi.org/news/fundraising-opportunity.html).

New Business:

Mike Demske provided the new calendar for VVA WSC, including meeting locations.  This calendar is available on the VVA WSC website under the State Council/Calendar tab or by clicking here if viewing this electronically.

2018 Meeting Dates, Times and Locations

March 16th      Rooms – Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

Telephone: 715-258-9212

March 17th      VVA Wisconsin State Council Meeting

                          9:00 am Committee Meetings – as called

                        10:00 am VVA WSC Meeting

                        Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

                        Telephone: 715-258-9212

June 15th         Rooms – Super 8, Hwy 10, 1000 E Division Stret, Neillsville, WI 54456

                        Telephone: 715-743-8080

June 16th         VVA Wisconsin State Council Meeting

                           9:00 am Committee Meeting

                        10:00 am VVA WSC Meeting

                        12:00 pm Annual Picnic

                        The Highground

                        W7031, Ridge Rd, Neillsville, WI 54456

                        This meeting is the VVA WSC meeting during which elections are held.

Additionally, this is VVA WSC’s ANNUAL PICNIC.  Please bring a dish to pass

and what you wish to drink (The Highground is an alcohol free zone.).  The WSC

will provide the meat, buns, etc.  CONTACT Mike Demske by telephone at 920-

684-1624 or Email Mike at Michael.Demske@yahoo.com so he has an accurate

count for the meat, buns, etc.  Thank you.

Sept. 21st         Rooms – Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

Telephone: 715-258-9212

Sept. 22rd        VVA Wisconsin State Council Meeting

                          9:00 am Committee Meeting

                        10:00 am VVA WSC Meeting

                        Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

                        Telephone: 715-258-9212

Nov. 30th         Annual Christmas Social, Dinner and White Elephant Gift Exchange*

Rooms – Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

Telephone: 715-258-9212

Dec. 1st            VVA Wisconsin State Council Meeting

                          9:00 am Committee Meeting

                        10:00 am VVA WSC Meeting

                        Ramada Waupaca, 110 Grand Seasons Dr. Waupaca, WI 54981

                        Telephone: 715-258-9212

*Find and bring your best White Elephant Gift wrapped for fun and sharing.

  Cost and menu is coming.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 P.M. (1300 Hours).  The next VVA WSC quarterly meeting is June 16, 2018, at The HighGround.


Respectfully submitted,

James E. Mullarkey, Secretary

[1] As per VVA WSC letter sent (October 6, 2014) to all VVA WSC Officers, WSC Region Directors, and VVA WSC Chapter Presidents, Officers and their delegates; it was declared that all VVA WSC Chapters must be represented at no less than one-half or 50 percent of the scheduled WSC Meetings – held quarterly during the calendar year.  Failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in disciplinary action and VVA WSC suspension – refer to VVA Constitution and National Disciplinary Policy.  The ( ) following the VVA Chapters number (e.g., 007 (3)) indicates the number of meetings recorded as attended in the calendar year as of the roll call.  The # refers to the VVA Chapters WSC region.

An underline of the VVA WSC Chapter number (e.g., 009 (1)) indicates that they have been suspended in the previous calendar year and have as yet attended the minimum meetings for the present calendar year.

The number following the # sign indicates the number VVA members represented and ## the number of AVVA members.

For an Adobe PDF of the meeting minutes click here.

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