Business Ideas


Service members who are moving into the civilian business world and Veterans who have been away from the military for any length of time offer have a unique skill set.  The military mind set can be used in starting your own small business or offered to employers seeking the skill sets(s) you have learned.


Are you seeking Veteran Business Ideas just click on the topic. As you review the information you may consider to start your Veteran Owned Small Business.  If you are unsure check out Boots to Business.  At this site you can discover more about yourself, your skill set(s), and how you can translate ideas and aspirations into your very own Veteran Owned Business.

If you are unsure of your next steps because you cannot clearly state your skill set(s) check-out the Assessment link on this site under Career Planning right here in Vet Issues.

If you have checked these areas and you still need some advice contact our VVA Wisconsin State Council Secretary.  The Secretary will answer your question in less than 10 business days.

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