New Resource Site for Veterans Returning to School

      The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center has created a free online resource for service members and veterans who have sustained a traumatic brain injury and plan to go back to school.
     The “Back to School Guide to Academic Success After Traumatic Brain Injury” is available at this website.

     Since 2000, more than 280,000 service members sustained a TBI during their service. Approximately 80 percent of those injuries happened in a non-deployed setting and are characterized as mild TBI, more commonly known as concussions.
     In most cases, service members who sustain concussions recover fully and quickly. But for a small portion of service members, symptoms from a concussion can linger for months or longer, creating challenges with memory and thinking, personal relationships and other aspects of life.

     The guide includes information service members and veterans need to start their academic journey, from symptom management to choosing a school and adjusting to civilian campus culture. A comprehensive student resources section gives students access to websites that will help connect them with the appropriate people and organizations to help answer questions and provide detailed information.

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