JOBThoughts® The Project


BestWork DATA in concert with the is providing veterans nationwide one of the most widely used career and employment tools in America - JOBThoughts®.

The goal of BestWork DATA is to give back to so many who have given to their country.   At NO COST and with NO STRINGS, BestWork DATA is reaching out to all branches of military service including the Reserves and National Guard.   As the President and CEO of BestWork DATA, Chuck Russell, has stated, "[This organization's mission is] to touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people, so that they will see themselves through their strengths instead of their weaknesses and so that they can better understand other people."   Russell believes this is the right thing to do!   He believes it is time we honor and respect the sacrifice of those who have given so much for the many.   As Russell has shared, "I have some of the careJOBThoughts®."   This is a career and employment tool that can assist many of our veterans access viable career path and competitive employment."

In recognition of this commitment, BestWork DATA has committed in excess of $200 million in career and employment service using JOBThoughts®.   As seen in the picture, the is receiving through John Rowan, National President, of Vietnam Veterans of America, a symbolic check for $100,000,000 from Chuck Russell, President and CEO of BestWork DATA.   This donation will go a long way to meeting Russell's organizational mission and personal commitment BestWork DATA has to addressing the career and employment needs of veterans in this country.

JOBThoughts® - The Tool

JOBThoughts® is a very comprehensive career and employment computer-based assessment tool.   Whether taken on base, in your home, the local library, a community college or elsewhere your access is guarded and your your results are maintained confidentially by BestWork DATA.   After you begin working with JOBThoughts® you will be given your own username and password.   Only you will be able to access your results!

The results you receive are broken into two major parts, an Online Only Bonus Report and a Veteran Report Pack. The two major reports parts are:

        1. JOBThoughts® Career Pack (six reports)

        2. Fast Start Employee Reports (five reports)

Unique to JOBThoughts® is the JOB Career Pack which includes eleven detailed reports to be described later.   Also, JOBThoughts® provides five very useful Fast Start Employee These 11 reports will be detailed later.

The Online Only Bonus Reports are two reports that are unique for the person seeking employment. The first report is Questions for the Prospective Employer. This Report like the others is based upon your assessment. The second report, Work Environment Report, deals with your work personality and temperaments in the work environment.

Also, on the Client Access Page be sure to check out the Site Menu, specifically Tools, Tips and Training. Under News Articles read through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Requiring approximately thirty (30) minutes of your time on computer, JOBThoughts® allows you to gain both affective or personality information and cognitive or information or how one thinks (i.e., reasons, reads, applies mathematics, etc.).   In turn, the results reported in the two parts and eleven reports individual career and employment information.

To view the JOBThoughts® report in detail and interactively, merely click on REPORT.   You will have the opportunity not only to view the report elements, but examine a complete JOBThoughts® sample report - in detail.   When you have finished return here to learn how your veterans organization can participate in this very special program at NO COST and with NO STRINGS to the veterans organization, the veteran and the veteran's spouse.

JOBThoughts® - The Project

The JOBThoughts Project created by BestWork DATA has been termed "Helping Hand.   Helping Hand for veterans is just that - providing a helping hand through the career and employment maze.   Whether an individual veteran, the spouse of a veteran, a local VFW or Post, a state Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Veteran Services, a veterans counselor, a veterans social network group, a national veterans group or a Workforce Investment Board merely contact The Project via email, inform them of your needs and include relevant contact information:

        1. Name (Required)

        2. Organization (If appropriate)

        3. Address (Optional)

        4. City, State and Zip Code (Optional)

        5. Email Address (Required)

        6. Contact Telephone Number (Required)

To contact The Project immediately click here!

JOBThoughts® - Implementing The Project in Your Organization

Once contacted we will assign your organization a USERNAME and PASSWORD. After you have received your username and password your veterans may goto and enter the username and password provided. This will gain access to the individual data page, new username and new password (Remember it!) and you will be ready to begin the JOBThoughts® assessment tool.

Keep in mind you will need approximately 30 minutes to complete the total JOBThoughts® program. After you take the assessment it may take as long as 24 hours for the scoring report writing.

Having difficulties?  Let us know immediately at

JOBThoughts® - Rules of the Road

When taking the assessment keep in mind it is presented in two (2) parts.  The first part is what is referred to as the affective portion or your feelings, likes, and emotions.  This part of JOBThoughts® is untimed and produces little stress.  So relax and enjoy this portion.

The second part of the JOBThoughts® assessment focuses on your arithmetical, reasoning, verbal skills, and more.  This portion is timed and you will not finish!  You should do what you can, do not use a calculator - it will slow you down and you will not finish items you may know the answers.

The best advice - relax and enjoy!  If you feel under pressure take the assessment another day.

Your results will be available within 24 hours.  You can print your results as well as return to the site using your personal username and personal password if you need to get another set of results.

JOBThoughts® - Sample Reports

If you are interested in taking a look at what a report looks like click here

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