President's Report

First, let me apologize for not getting this report out earlier.  The month of October was quite busy for me with traveling to Silver Spring, MD for the National Board and Conference of State Presidents Meeting. Right after the meeting I was packing for a Elk Hunting Trip to Colorado.  That is another story.

At the CSCP and National Board Meeting there were numerous items discussed, especially suspension and revocation of Chapters for not filing IRS 990N reports, election reports to National as well as finance reports.  The IRS has been adamant about proper reporting and the consequences for failure can be hard financially for those chapters that were suspended/revoked.  Getting the tax exempt status back can take more than a year and cost upwards of several hundred dollars.  It is imperative that the chapters submit their reports to National and the State Council as well as keeping a copy for their records.  This includes the 990N acceptance.

The membership committee is still working on updating the membership application brochure.  After numerous samples and rewrites the brochure is now back for review and with some great luck we should have it after the first of the year.  The problem was some were not happy with the photo showing a Vietnam Veteran and a younger veteran.  The life membership dates have been revised since most are past the younger age on the current form.

We received updated State Council Presidents Handbook, Membership Development Plan, Policies on Travel Reimbursement, and the Code of Disciplinary Policy & Procedures.

There is a program on Lung Cancer that is affecting Vietnam Veterans.  The DOD had cigarettes in the C and K Rations until 1976.  Seventy percent of the veterans smoked and studies show that 50 percent still do.  Agent Orange, radon, diesel fuel fumes, depleted uranium used in armor have all contributed to the lung cancer.

There was a discussion on how we check DD Form 214.  They contain information that can be used for identity theft.  One thing we discussed is what do the Chapters do with them when a veteran makes application to join.  Are they maintained in a secure location so they are not compromised?  Most felt that once checked the 214 should be returned to the veteran.  National only needs them if one is running for State or National Office.

We had an excellent presentation from the DoD on the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War.  This program will last for 13 years and is to ensure that Vietnam Veterans are given the recognition we deserve.  The Commenoration will be mostly hometown-centric, but will include international, national, regional, and state events.  They would like all Veteran Service Organizations to get involved so the recognition of contributions and sacrifices made by the Vietnam Veterans.  Their Service, Valor, and Sacrifice.  This also includes their families, especially families who lost loved ones IGold Star Families). 

The National Convention will be in Jacksonville, FL next August.  This is the year that we elect the new officers and make amendments to the constitution for the next few years.  Watch the VETERAN for the proposed changes.

On November 8th I attended the Veterans Day Program at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson.  This program has become one of the premier programs saluting veterans in Washington County.  In the afternoon I presented a Vietnam Class to three history classes at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. 

November 9th Robert Piaro and I attended the Veterans Day Program at the State Capitol in Madison.  Major General Donald Dunbar was the speaker and it was a speech that made one think about what America would look like if had not been for veterans standing up to defend our freedoms. 

November 11th I was a speaker at Newburg, WI for the Veterans Day Program.  It was well attended and Chapter 448 dedicated memorial stones for the memorial.

Remember the State Council Meeting is December 8th in Waupaca at the Best Western.  This is the annual Christmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Welcome Home and have a Great Thanksgiving.

Richard Lindbeck, President

Wisconsin State Council

Vietnam Veterans of America


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