This section includes:
    1.  A complete listing of all VVA WSC Chapters’ copies Election and Financial status, including their 990 submission to the IRS.  You can go directly to that report by clicking here.  If you believe your VVA Chapter information is either incorrect, incomplete or otherwise erroneous please contact the VVA WSC Secretary at or by clicking here.

     2.  Reports submitted to the VVA WSC Secretary for inclusion on the site and into the VVA WSC Mintues taken at quarterly meetings.  These reports can be submitted to the VVA WSC Secretary via email as a text attachment or as an attachment in Word document or Adobe PDF formats.  Again, these can be sent prior to or immediately following the meeting to the Secretary at
          Effective September 2015, Reports will be arranged as follows:

              a.  VVA WSC Officer Reports - excluding the Treasurer’s Financial Report; however, any discussion held on issues associated to the budget or allocation of funds (e.g., motions and eventual allocation of funds for a particular activity such as the National Convention, VVA Leadership Conference, assisting WI AVVA officers, members or activities, etc.) will be included within the minutes.
              b.  Region and At Large Director Reports
              c.  VVA Region 6 Director Report or information to be included in the minutes.
              d.  Wisconsin’s AVVA Report
              e.  Committee Reports such as the Agent Orange, Legislative and Homeless, Membership, Scholarship Committee and those appointed by the President or created by the membership.
              f.  VVA Chapter Reports - reports should be a synopsis (i.e., a brief summary) of the VVA Chapter’s activities).  For example, fundraising activities over the quarter resulted in a net total $2,500; however, our most successful activities were brat fry events.  Other specific issues in reports may include membership increases and decreases and there reasons, education activities - in school activities and scholarships, etc.
              g.  Other Reports submitted off the floor by VVA WSC Chapter Representatives or invited guests (e.g., WDVA officers or department representatives, political representatives, other VSO guests, etc.) and submitted in writing to be included within the Reports section of the VVA WSC website otherwise comments will be be briefly summarized and included in the VVA WSC Minutes.  Any reports requiring action - as per the VVA Constitution - will be summarized, included in the minutes, and sent to all available VVA WSC email addresses and included in the agenda of the next quarterly VVA WSC.   

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