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The Veterans Health Council mission is, "To improve health care for veterans by creating an ongoing forum for members of the medical and clinical professions, employee representatives, advocacy organizations, and healthcare firms to discuss, develop, and promote effective efforts to: 1) inform veterans and their families about health issues and benefits available to them; 2) educate health care communities about the multiple health issues associated with military service; 3) develop materials on veterans' health issues for medical schools, nursing schools, teaching hospitals, and related educational outlets; 4) support veterans' healthcare initiatives.

Dr. Tom Berger and David Houppert discus the relaxation of or changes to the PTSD rules by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Gulf War Veteran Joel Graves recounts his experiences before the Gulf War Illnesses Research Advisory Committee in Washington, DC, on the 20th anniversary of the ceasefire that ended the conflict. Graves, also a member of the committee, and the rest of its members met with Veterans Affairs leadership and VA Gulf War researchers to review and strengthen the efforts being made to restore Gulf War Veterans' health. The meeting was a collaboration between the committee and VA's Office of Research and Development. 

Buffalo's Veterans Court, the first of its kind when it began three years ago, has proven so successful it is a model for the 46 such courts that have sprung up since in 20 states, largely to address the needs of veterans returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam.

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