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Wisconsin State Council

Wisconsin’s State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America, a Congressionally Chartered Veteran Service Organization (501c19), serves as one of the many linking organizations and the 148,000 Wisconsin Veterans who survived and reside in Wisconsin.   That number, 148,000, represents 5.7 percent of Vietnam veterans who served in the combat zone.  That number does not reflect the total number of veterans who served during the Vietnam Era - 9.2 million or the more than 165,000 Wisconsinites who served during the Vietnam War.  

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The Wisconsin State Council is one of several Congressionally Chartered Veteran Service Organization in Wisconsin  With more than 440,000 veterans across Wisconsin, organizations such as the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America, Blinded Veterans Associations and more (click here to link to chartered organizations) attempt to address not only veterans from specific eras, military service, military disability, and unique pockets of veterans who have a need.  Moreover, there a number of non-chartered organizations including the National Guard Association, Native American Veterans' Association, Association For Service Disabled Veterans and more (click here to link to non-chartered organizations) who complement available services and provide services that do not fit chartered organizations' guidelines.  Additionally, Wisconsin has a number of veteran service organizations, foundations, and groups providing services to an ever growing veteran population.  These groups include, but are not limited to the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc., Dryhootch of America and others you can find by clicking here.  However, as a Congressionally Chartered organization VVA - Wisconsin State Council directs its efforts at serving Vietnam veterans across the state linked between individual Vietnam veterans who are a part of one of the 25 Chapters in four state regions throughout Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America through its leadership serves as the conduit between the local VVA members, VVA Chapters in Wisconsin and VVA National.  The Wisconsin State Council is the voice for Wisconsin’s Veteran issues within the state and at the national level - regardless of organizational affiliation.  Again, the Wisconsin State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America functions as the conduit to get information from and to Wisconsin veterans through local Chapters and from Chapter voices to the State Council and VVA National.

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As Wisconsin’s Vietnam War veterans mature, the State Council continues to work on identifying issues facing our aging Vietnam War veteran.  Some unique issues facing Vietnam veterans is the surfacing of PTSD and early onset dimentia.  Moreover, the State Council, working through Regional Directors as well as email blasts to Chapter Presidents, to getting information out to Wisconsin's Vietnam veterans on the long-term effects of Agent Orange and other herbicides used in country and Toxic Exposure from all eras.

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The Wisconsin State Council has long recognized many unresolved issues Vietnam Veterans, in fact, many Veterans from all eras are facing such as homelessness, incarceration, chronic employment issues, alcohol and drug abuse, women’s issues, suicide, traumatic brain injury and more.  As the Wisconsin State Council for Vietnam Veternas of America, we remain vigilant that these issues are addressed directly by Wisconsin's County Veterans Service Officers or indirectly through the State Council Committees that address these issues on a statewide and national basis.

Today, Vietnam Veterans of America - Wisconsin State Council, like many other state organizations, have opened their doors and their arms to provide assistance to the many returning servicemen and women from the Wars in the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, OEF/OIF, and GWOT.


Whether an OEF/OIF Veteran or Vietnam Veteran, the Wisconsin State Council is proud to say it has a strong kinship and collaborates with these many Veterans of Modern Warfare and other groups serving our veterans of any era, servicemen and women, their spouses and children.  The Wisconsin State Council works with veterans of all eras because the organization and its members believe, "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."


The Vietnam Veterans of America -- Wisconsin State Council is devoted to serving survivors of the Vietnam War and those who served during the Vietnam War Era.  The organization is welcoming warriors of the Gulf War, Iraq War and Afghanistan War - OEF/OIF.

The goal of the VVA - WI State Council is to assist veterans returning from periods and times of conflict to reintegration and calm at home.  The State Council  works closely with established avenues of service to veterans through networks such as County Veteran Service Officers and veteran service groups throughout Wisconsin (e.g., DAV, VFW, American Legion, United Women Veterans, Veterans of Modern Warfare, and others).

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The State Council works on behalf of Wisconsin’s veterans by maintaining close relationships with the the Vietnam Veterans of America, U.S. and Wisconsin Departments of Veteran Affairs, Wisconsin and National legislators.   Whether seeking resources or services for women veterans, Native American veterans, homeless veterans, incarcerated veterans, veterans exposed to Agent Orange, dioxins, or other Toxic Exposure (e.g., Burn Pits, Uranium Poison, etc.) the State Council works tirelessly on behalf of Wisconsin veterans.

As with all vibrant organizations, Vietnam Veterans of America -- Wisconsin is seeking veterans to pick up the banner and cause of all Wisconsin Veterans.  If you are interested in making a difference for your fellow veteran(s) contact the Wisconsin State Council or your Chapter Officer(s).

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