Handbooks for Officers

VVA Officers at the State Council level and at the VVA Chapter level have specific duties and responsibilities.  In an effort to assist officers elected  to a position at the state council level or the chapter level the respective officer hand book is available here.  Whether in the elected position or interested in learning more of the officer’s duties and responsibilities please read the handbooks listed.

VVA State Council/Chapter President’s Handbook

VVA State Council/Chapter Secretary’s Handbook

VVA State Council/Chapter Treasurer’s Handbook

As a VVA member or officer in the chapter or state council you should be familiar with the VVA Constitution, its Amendments, and the VVA Board of Directors Policy .  To open the VVA Constitution just click here or on VVA Constitution.

These Handbooks and documents are living documents i.e., they are change or amended, by committee or Convention so please check back periodically to obtain updated versions.  You may also go to the VVA National website for more information,

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